Nice that you came across the "DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS". The "DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS" is a small PDF booklet full of beautiful mechanical keyboards - just as a little decoration to sweeten your day. I know there are other projects like the "KEYBOARD BUILDERS DIGEST" and Tamás is doing a great job. I don't want to be a competitor at all rather a supplement. Anyone can send me pictures and get a place in the "DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS". You can also subscribe to the whole thing. How you can send me pictures of your keyboards or how you can contact me you can find out under "HOW".

The "DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS" is a base for many possibilities. if you want to write articles about keyboards or everything concerning keyboards, please send it to me and I will put it in the magazine.
The use of all photos has been approved by the authors and is their property.
The DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS is free and will remain so - it is a hobby project and not a business. If you want to support the hobby - give money to the "KEYBOARD BUILDERS DIGEST"

Everything for the best hobby in the world

Mechanical keyboards

Have fun